We supply all types of used pharmaceutical processing equipment to various drug manufacturers around the world. We can offer equipment to tabletting & encapsulating companies, nasal spray manufacturing companies, creams & lotion manufacturing facilities, biotechnology companies, fermentation companies, pharmaceutical powder processing facilities, powder drying & granulating companies, synthesis for drug intermediate processing companies, antibiotic processing companies, syringe processing companies, sterile filling lines, dental product manufacturing facilities and various other pharmaceutical applications.

The types of used pharmaceutical processing equipment that we can offer include autoclaves, capsule fillers, encapsulators, tablet presses, coating pans, fluid bed dryers, fluid bed granulators, sanitary ribbon mixers, v-type mixers, slant cone mixers, conical mixers, mixers with liquids/solids bar, sigma mixers, Littleford mixers, planetary mixers, pharmaceutical grade mixers, column lift blenders, kettles, agitated kettles, double & triple motion agitated kettles, compactors, fermentation systems, CIP systems, pneumatic conveying systems, homogenizers, Fitzpatrick mills, pharmaceutical grade mills, processor tanks, water for injection (WFI) systems, reverse osmosis filters, ultrafiltration filters, clean steam generators, vibratory screens, tablet printers, stainless steel tanks, centrifuges, vacuum pan dryers, pharmaceutical grade reactors, evaporators, spray dryers, freeze dryers, lyophilizers, metal detectors, checkweighers, bottle filling lines, piston fillers, accumulation tables, cottoners, induction sealers, horizontal load cartoners, vertical load cartoners, case packers, dessicant droppers, tablet counters, tablet dedusters, blister packers, case tapers, shrink tunnels, wrappers and many more pharmaceutical equipment types.

Since 1938, we have sold thousands of pieces of used pharmaceutical processing equipment all over the world, from pilot size to full scale production. We supply used pharmaceutical processing equipment from various manufacturers including Glatt, Niro, GEA, Vector Freund, O’Hara, American Process Systems, Manesty, Fette, Zanasi, Stokes, Elizabeth Hata, DCI, Mueller, Feldmeier, Fluid Energy, Alfa Laval, JH Day, Cherry Burrell, Fitzpatrick, Lee Industries, JC Pardo & Sons, Groen, Jensen Fittings, Sweco, Kason, Kemutec, Littleford, Lowe, Patterson Kelley, Gemco, Charles Ross, Vac-u-Max, Hartel, Mateer Burt, Simplex, Filamatic, Resina, Kaps-All, Cozzoli, Jones, MGS, Omega, Kalish, Kramer, Fedegari, Amsco, Getinge, Market Forge and dozens of other pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers.

We are very interested in learning about your used pharmaceutical equipment needs or the availability of any surplus pharmaceutical processing & packaging equipment. Please click on the link below to tell us more about your surplus machinery or fill out the form in order to tell us about your equipment needs. If you would like to discuss the equipment, contact us and ask to speak with one of our experienced sales representatives.


Ackley Felmeier New Brunswick
Aeromatic Fitz Niro
Alfa Laval Fitzpatrick O’Hara
All-Fill Fluid Energy Packwest
American Systems Garvens Pardo
AMS GEA Patterson Kelley
Amsco Gemco Pennwalt
Anhydro Glatt PK
APS Groen Prodopak
APV Hamilton Quadro
Bird Hartel Ropak
Blue-M JC Pardo & Sons Rietz
Bird Young Jensen Fittings Ross
Bowen Jones Rotex
Brighton Kason Sharples
Cherry Burrell Kemutec Simplex
Cleaver Brooks Key Industries Sollas
Colton Koch Stokes
Consep Krones Sweco
Crepaco Lee Trane
DCI Littleford Valley Foundry
Delaval Lowe Vector
Electro-Steam Manesty Vector-Freund
ELF Mateer Weldroton
Elliot Mateer Burt Western States
Elmar McQuay Westfalia
Fedegari Mueller


Agitated Kettle Feeder Plow Mixer
Autoclave Fermentation System Processor Tank
Blister Packer Filler Pump
Capper Filling Line Refrigeration
Capsule Filler Fluid Bed Coater Reverse Osmosis Filter
Cartoner Fluid Bed Dryer Ribbon Mixer
Case Taper Fluid Bed Granulator Sanitary Reactor
Centrifuge Freeze Dryer Scale
Checkweigher Granulator Screen
Chiller Grinder Sealer
CIP System Heat Exchanger Vacuum Sealer
Clean Steam Generator Homogenizer Shaker
Coater Inserter Shrink Tunnel
Coating Pan V-Type Mixer Sigma Mixer
Compactor Kettle Slant Cone Mixer
Compressor Labeler Steam Generator
Conical Mixer L-Bar Sealer Sterile Filler
Cooling Tower Lypholizer Tablet Press
Delumper Mill Tablet Printer
Detector Oven Tank
Double Cone Mixer Overwrapper Twin Shell Mixer
Drum Lift Paddle Mixer Ultra Filtration Filter
Drum Lift Dumper Pan Dryer Vacuum Pan Dryer
Evaporator Planetary Mixer Metal Detector